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Cosmetic Surgery Procedures : Rhinoplasty
With Dr. Gruber's advanced rhinoplasty, you can obtain a better-proportioned nose that looks natural with a minimum of discomfort. That means, your nose won't "look done," but look like one you were born with.

Dr. Gruber has performed research, published over fifty articles, and authored many chapters, as well as his own book entitled Rhinoplasty, State of the Art.

In addition, Dr. Gruber has established a set of instruments that, he feels, make the task of rhinoplasty much easier.  Dr. Gruber developed some of these instruments while others were existing instruments that he modified.  For more information on The Gruber Rhinoplasty Set, click here.

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Before                            After


This 31-year-old female requested improvement in the appearance of her nose as well as a small amount of fat accumulation under her chin. The nose was reshaped by performing a rhinoplasty and the contour under her chin was improved by performing a submentoplasty.

Before                            After


This young female student had a history of nasal trauma requiring surgical correction in the past. She still had some residual airway problems when first seen and also complained about the appearance of the tip of the nose which "drooped" and was too large. On physical examination, the septum was markedly deviated causing airway obstruction. In addition, the tip of the nose had an unnatural shape due to distortion of the tip cartilages. The overall tip was quite wide in comparison to the rest of the nose.

Surgery was performed to correct both the functional and aesthetic parts of the nose. After surgery the airway was dramatically improved and the new proportions of the nose fit the elegant features of her face. This very attractive young lady now had an attractive nose to match the rest of her features. Here, too, friends who were not told that she had the procedure could not tell that a rhinoplasty was performed because of its natural appearance.

Before                            After


This 28-year-old male requested cosmetic as well as functional improvement of his nose. The nose was reshaped and the airway was improved by performing a septorhinoplasty.

Before                            After


This 36-year-old man sustained nasal trauma during a high school football game. He complained of breathing difficulty and was dissatisfied with the "bump" on the top of his nose. Indeed, the nose did exhibit a marked airway obstruction and a significant septal deviation along with convexity of what is referred to as the dorsum of the nose.

Surgical correction involved both the functional parts of the nose (the septum) and the dorsum. The final result was very satisfactory as can be seen in the postoperative views. The nose not only breathes much better but it looks much better. The appearance of the nose is much more in keeping with his overall handsome facial features.

Before                            After


This 39-year old woman was looking to improve the angle of the tip, as well as reduce the bump as seen in her profile. Following surgery and repositioning of the cartilages, the nose now looks more natural. The apparent bump is gone and the tip no longer points downward.

Before                       After

This young, attractive woman requested improve- ment in the appearance of her nose.  She asked that it be narrower and more refined and that the profile not have a "bump". A rhinoplasty was performed in which the frame- work of the nose was sculpted into a form that more suited her face.  More than a year and half later she exhibits a very satisfactory facial appearance with a nose that fits in well with the rest of her attractive features.

Before                            After

This 48-year old man requested and improvement in the dorsal hump and the deviation of the nose to the right. Following nasal surgery, the profile looks more natural, the bump has been removed.  On the front view, there is no longer that crookedness.


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