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Cosmetic Surgery Procedures : Revision (Secondary) Rhinoplasty
Rhinoplasty is considered the most difficult operation in aesthetic plastic surgery. When for whatever reason the result is not satisfactory, patients seek a revision - often referred to as a secondary rhinoplasty. Dr. Gruber is referred many such patients from the San Francisco Bay Area and other parts of the country. He utilizes the latest techniques including his own innovations that have been published and which he lectures about to restore the noses of these patients and make them happy about their appearance.

Before                            After

This woman had surgery some years ago which improved her appearance considerably but not quite enough. She noticed that a "bump" still remained on the tip of the nose. On physical examination the profile was less than ideal with a downward direction to the tip.

A rhinoplasty was performed to reshape the cartilages of the nose. Now the nose has normal proportions and fits the rest of the face. The tip of the nose, in particular has a shape that fits her other features. The patient does not look as if she had nasal surgery and can feel comfortable about her new and improved appearance.

Before                            After

This patient had rhinoplasty as a teenager but like so many rhinoplasties at that time the emphasis was on "small." She also had difficulty breathing through the nose since that early surgery. On physical examination the tip of the nose is much too small and out of proportion to the rest of the nose. The nose was a little bit broad overall and did not match this otherwise lovely appearing face.

At surgery the airway (septum and internal valve) was corrected. The nasal framework was resculpted to give a more normal appearance. When everything was finished the nose has a natural appearance. It balances the other features of the face and has made the patient feel better about herself.


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