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Cosmetic Surgery Procedures : Face Lift
If performed correctly, a facelift won't look tight or unnatural.  Dr. Gruber's facelift technique not only freshens your appearance, but takes years off your age. The day after the procedure, you'll notice an attractive change in the contours of your neck and cheeks. And (with a little makeup) you can return to your regular activities as early as a week later. 

Before                         After

This 56-year-old woman sought improvement in the contour of her neck and other facial areas including the upper and lower eyelids.  After a facelift which included removal of the adipose tissue of the neck and after an upper and lower blepharplasty (skin and fat removal from the eyelids) she showed considerable improvements particularly in the profile contour of the neck.                              

Before                           After

This 56-year old woman requested improvement in her facial appearance including the eyes and fine lines of the face.  She also requested improvement in her profile. A facelift was performed along with dermabrasion to the perioral area (around the mouth).  An upper and lower blepharoplasty was also performed in which the extra skin and fat of the eyelid region was removed. 

Before                         After

This 53-year old woman was unhappy with the over- all appearance of her face, including the fine lines and and skin laxity of the face.  She also complained of the fullness in her neck. A facelift was performed along with a lower bleph- aroplasty to remove some of the extra skin of the lower lids.  She also received a surgical correction of the frown lines by thinning out the muscles that cause the problem.  In addition, some of the adipose tissue of the neck was removed and the fine lines around the mouth were treated with dermabrasion.  As a result, there is a significant improvement in the appearance and youthfulness of the face, particularly as seen on profile. 

Before                         After

This patient exhibited severe wrinkles and skin laxity from chronic sun exposure.  The treatment included a facelift, upper and lower blepharoplasty, perioral fat graft and perioral dermabrasion.  The result shows an overall improvement in the skin quality and facial appearance, that speaks for itself.                            

Before                        After

This woman requested an improvement in the appearance of her neck. A facelift (which includes correction of the neck) was performed and corrected the problem.  She feels much better about the appearance of her neck.

Before                            After

This patient wanted to improve the fullness seen under her chin as well as improve the puffiness of her lower lids. Both a submentoplasty and lower blepharoplasty were recommended. The lower blepharoplasty required the removal of the fat pads and for the submentoplasty, the excess fat under the chin was removed. The patient is left with a much more defined jaw line and eyes that look less sleepy.

Before                            After

This middle aged, pleasant healthy patient requested facial rejuvenation. She was particularly concerned about the appearance of her neck. She felt much younger than her chronological age and wanted to look as good and young as she felt. Physical findings revealed good quality facial skin that was somewhat redundant in the jowl and neck area. She was considered to be an excellent operative candidate. A facelift was undertaken without any difficulties. The patient found the procedure easy to go through and virtually painless. After one week she was able to wear some makeup and go to a grocery store. After 2 weeks she was able, with the aid of some make up, to see friends. She healed remarkably quickly and looks as good as she feels.


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